What's Matcha?

So what’s all the fuzz about Matcha??

Let me help you out with some fun education.  

Literally translated, Matcha means “powdered tea”.  It is cultivated in Japan  where it appeared over 1,000 years ago as a basic element of the tea ceremony. 

WHOOOOT? That Sh** Old! 

Uhu, it is! So what about today? Today, it is a huge part of the Eastern culture! Our Japanese and Chinese friends can’t get enough of it. 

Also the Western nations love this Green Gold. Matcha has become increasingly popular in Europe and the US among people leading a conscious and healthy lifestyle. 

Besides this, Matcha has gained the reputation of the healthiest plant based  product on the planet. 🍵 



Our Brand ‘Matcha The Green Gold’ Stands for Quality over Quantitiy. You only deserve the best Babe.

So we provide authentic Japanese organic Matcha, grown in the Uji region (Kyoto), known for the cultivation of the highest quality green tea for over 800 years. Hell Yeah! 

I love The Uji region for its fertile soil and clean water. The famous Camellia Sinensis plant (Matcha Plant) has ideal conditions for growth.

This is thanks to the sufficient amount of sunlight, the frequent mist and the high amounts of rainfall. You can’t find any better place, doll. 💚