My Story

YOU MIGHT FIND THIS CHEESY BUT... I’m on a mission. And I feel it's pretty important to share that mission with you because maybe you'll want to join me on this adventure. My mission is to make YOU happier, stronger and healthier, ALL through the power of Matcha. 

With Matcha The Green Gold I found my immunity booster, my ton of antioxidants, my Fat Burner, my Energy and Confidence Booster, my Relaxation.

Yes, I found my happiness in this healthy life style. One simple Matcha moment each day changed my life and it can change yours.  


What motivates me each day is helping YOU getting Happier with the power of Matcha. I want to see you shine and I’m here to help you make that happen.  



Here at Matcha The Green Gold we’re all about women supporting women. So check out my Instagram @Matchathegreengold where you can find a world of Inspirational quotes, Recipes, Cute Pink Products, Tips & Tricks and some behind the scenes content. 

    💋 Delphine